Miss Billie's Vintage

About Us
** We're moving to Canada! This shop is on hold until August 2023 while we organize an international move.** I believe in the health benefits of sartorial imagination and love uniting creative people with historic clothing. I trained in fashion history and costume design at the Yale School of Drama, so I have a costume designer's approach to vintage -- I collect any clothing that is an interesting example of its time. Even the untrendy pieces (or sometimes even ugly to our contemporary eyes) were liked by someone at one time, and all those garments tell a story about the kind of person they were designed for and the time they lived in. Sometimes the most seemingly unstylish pieces can make an incredible contemporary outfit for a person with imagination - so I leave it up to you to be creative with some of the wackier pieces I find. To make it into my store, items need only be an interesting example of their era. Beyond that - the style choices are yours!