Who we are.
Fashion Conservatory is a place for the AVC fashion community to come together and celebrate the fashions that we love. Whether you buy, sell, collect, research, or just enjoy browsing these beautiful treasures, we want to invite you to join us in building a place for our community to thrive.
We support small sellers.
This is a home for the treasure hunters. The small sellers, sole proprietors, and passionate people who are devoted to restoring and rehoming AVC fashion in all of its forms. For those of you digging through attics and coal mines, rescuing and repairing fashion from every era. We exist to serve you, to make selling online as easy as possible, and to connect you with customers who will covet the pieces you’re releasing back into the wild.
Our community.
Our community is made up of people who want to do good. Individuals who cherish unique fashion finds and enjoy becoming a part of that garment’s history. From entrepreneurs to fashionistas, costume designers to museum curators, we’re all working toward the same goal, protecting these beautiful treasures so they can be enjoyed by future generations.