FAQ Page:


Where do you source the vintage clothes and accessories on Fashion Conservatory?

Every item you discover on Fashion Conservatory was sourced by vetted true vintage sellers, including our founders Melinda and Jeff! We bring together expert small sellers from all over the world in one trusted destination. This gives you greater selection without compromising on reliability or losing time (and patience!) on unverified marketplaces or bouncing from site to site.


Where do I update my account settings?

You can update your account and view your order history, favorites and messages from your Account Settings.


I forgot my password. How can I recover it to sign into my account?

It happens! Head here to reset your password and get back into your vintage fashion treasure hunt.



Does the listed price include shipping and taxes?

The listed price is for the item only and does not include shipping or taxes. International buyers may be subject to import taxes or VAT before item delivery.


What are your shipping costs?

Shipping is calculated based on shipping destination. Free shipping is never free for the seller, and most  of our sellers are small, one person operations that cannot afford to offer free shipping. Building the cost of shipping into the price of the item is not fair to their overseas buyers and Fashion Conservatory requests that you do not pressure our sellers to offer shipping for free.


What is your return policy?

Most purchases are final sale. Return options, if available, will be specified in the listing. See our full Return Policy for more details on cancelling and/or returning orders.


Is there more than one of each item available?

In most cases, there's only one item available. If you love it, we recommend buying it, as there might not be another chance!


How accurate are the listed sizes?

The listed size is an estimate, as clothing sizes are not consistent across eras, styles or brands. We provide specific sizing and measurements for each garment so you can have clear product information every time you shop Fashion Conservatory. Use these provided measurements to determine fit, and understand that sellers may not guarantee size or fit due to body variations.


What if I have a question about an item?

When messaging a seller, ask all questions in one message to avoid confusion. Keep communication in a single thread for clarity. Ensure all questions are addressed before making a purchase.


What's the policy on making offers?

Fashion Conservatory is not a flea market. If the price is marked “Firm” it is not ok to make an offer. If a price is not marked “Firm” you can politely ask a seller if they are open to offers, what is the best price they would accept or make a reasonable offer (no more than 15% off). Lowball offers are not permitted and sending a message with just a dollar amount is considered harrassment. Our sellers are free to ask any price they wish and insulting a seller regarding price, item or model is strictly prohibited. Always be polite. Always.


Why do some garments appear pinned or clipped in photos?

Not all items fit the seller's dress forms or models. Some garments may be pinned or clipped to show proper fit.


Are accessories included with garments?

Not usually, but it depends. Garments may be shown with items like crinolines or belts that aren't included in the sale. If unsure, reach out to the seller for clarification.


For more detailed FAQs on shopping with Fashion Conservatory, see our full Buyer Policy.


Have more questions about buying, wearing and caring for vintage, antique and collectible clothing? See our Buyers Guide for in-depth info.



How are sellers vetted on Fashion Conservatory?

All sellers undergo a thorough vetting process to ensure they offer genuine vintage fashion. This includes assessing the quality of products, accurate dating, professional imagery, and transparent descriptions of any flaws.


How can I become a seller on Fashion Conservatory?

Learn more about our seller standards, vetting process and terms on our Seller Page— then submit your application to start selling your treasured finds to vintage fashion lovers across the globe.



How do I access and explore the Label Archive?

Our collection of more than 3,800 vintage fashion labels is organized alphabetically by designer. Simply create a free account to explore!


How do I contribute to the Label Archive?

Help us build the most comprehensive Label Archive online by submitting your label(s) here.


Where does the information on the Fashion Conservatory blog come from? Is it accurate?

From us, and yes! We have an in-house archivist who researches every topic with the utmost care to verify, cite and share some of the most interesting stories across fashion’s history.


Do you accept blog submissions?

In-depth knowledge about specific fashion brands or designers is our  invaluable.We're open to all things fashion, textiles, sewing, and more that you believe would fascinate our community. Please note that we prioritize authenticity. All submissions undergo thorough fact-checking to ensure the credibility of the content we share.

If you have a captivating story like that unforgettable encounter with Jimmy Galanos at a party, archival content like those vintage pictures of your grandmother as a glamorous model in the '50s, or incredible tips for caring for vintage fashion like banishing rust stains from cotton fabrics, we'd love to hear from you.