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Founded by vintage fashion business owners, Fashion Conservatory exists to serve the needs of the vintage fashion community. A single hub, providing a stable platform for buying, selling, and researching vintage fashion. Beyond our own 20-years of experiencing the same difficulties as you, our peers, we’ve listened to hundreds of our colleagues describe what they need in a marketplace. This learning is the foundation of Fashion Conservatory solutions, which include:

Approved Sellers: All sellers are vetted for offering proper vintage fashion before listing items for sale, ensuring only quality products, truthfully dated items, professional images, and clearly described flaws are posted. Buyers can shop with confidence knowing that Fashion Conservatory understands vintage fashion and our approved sellers are required to uphold industry standards.

No Hidden Costs: We’ve simplified listing forms, standardized transaction policies, and posted all this information in easy-to-access locations.

Standardized Listing-Layouts: Vital product information like sizing and condition charts are complete and shown in the same place for every listing, providing a consistent, safe, and reliable shopping experience.

Premier Search: We’ve eliminated pay-to-play search bias by not monetizing our search function. Therefore, our search yields valid results with the option to sort by various methods like size, era and condition.

Customer Service: Our staff understands the needs of sellers and buyers because they have the first-hand experience in this business, making Fashion Conservatory the only marketplace offering an industry-tested customer service team.

Free Label Archive: Research is a huge part of the vintage community as a whole and the unsung hero of Fashion Conservatory is the free label archive. With more than 2,900 fashion labels and over 58,000 garment images, this is an incredible, ever-expanding source of information for the benefit of the entire industry.

By unifying the vast network of passionate business owners into one hub, Fashion Conservatory will leverage the collective size of the industry for the greater good, becoming the worldwide destination and the beating heart of the vintage fashion industry.

We invite you to join us at Fashion Conservatory and experience what a truly dedicated Vintage Fashion Resale marketplace should be.