Photography specifications

Product Images & Photography
Engaging in prohibited product photography practices, of any kind, will result in immediate action being taken, which may include: shop restrictions, fines or removal from Fashion Conservatory.

     Prohibited Photography:
     Using images from other Sellers or businesses, even if permission is granted. 
     Models must not be photographed nude or in a sexually explicit way.
If your product contains nudity or sexually explicit imagery, it must be censored.
     Stock photos of any kind, rights-free images, public domain images, and/or images not of the item listed are prohibited.
Photos with added text, logos, web addresses, watermarks or photos used as messages are prohibited. 
Editing images in a way that is misleading to the Buyer
Images that are not in focus, have excessive shadows, grain, noise or other artifacts due to interpolation, compression or automatic/default camera settings.
Content violating any of the Fashion Conservatory policies may be deleted at its sole discretion.

     Photography Preferences:
     Aspect ratio should be as close to square as possible.
     sRGB color space is preferred.
     Distracting props, backgrounds or other non-product information or context included with your listing images is discouraged.
     Limit editorial photos to 1 of 10 images used within the listing or a maximum of 2 images of 15 total.

     Photography Requirements
     Shop owners must own the copyrights to any image they upload. Fashion Conservatory does not condone or tolerate copyright infringement.
     File format must be jpg/jpeg.
     Product Photography must be a minimum 1500 pixels at 72dpi on the smallest side, but larger will be accepted.
     Shop Banner Image is 1130x161 pixels
     Shop Icon Image is 164x145 pixels
     Listing images should be focused on documenting the item for sale in a neutral environment.
     A minimum of 5 Product images must be uploaded to publish a listing. A maximum of 15 images can be accepted.
     Products must be in focus, well lit and shown from multiple angles.
     A neutral background. 
     Consistent styling, background and forms throughout the shop.
     Product images must spotlight the Product, not the model, props, accessories or background. 
     The entire garment should be visible in the first image with the exception of pant suits which can be shown from the knee up. 
     If the Product has a label, signature or other defining maker’s mark, it must be shown in the Product images.
     If there are any flaws, they should be shown in the Product images when possible.
     All Product images must be taken by the Seller or an employee of the business selling the Product. 
     All product images must show the actual product for sale.

     Product Styling: 
     Products may be pinned or clipped to show proper fit. 
Crinolines, hoops, slips and petticoats not included for sale may be used to show proper style.
Accessories not included with purchase may be used to show styling options, but they must not alter the true style of the garment.
Styling or photographing a garment in a way that purposely hides its flaws or alters its true style or silhouette is considered deceptive and is prohibited.