Buyer policy

Fashion Conservatory is a fashion focused marketplace where you can purchase unique items from any of our dedicated sellers. Please read through these policies to understand the role of Fashion Conservatory and what we expect from our buyers.


1. Fashion Conservatory is a platform for sellers

If you are buying tangible goods, your purchase will be from one of the sellers that use our website to conduct business, it will not be a purchase directly from Fashion Conservatory. 

Fashion Conservatory does provide a subscription-based service for research resources. You can find more information about that here

Fashion Conservatory pre-screens sellers. This does not mean we are able to guarantee or endorse any item sold on our website. Content posted by our sellers does not necessarily represent the views of Fashion Conservatory or its staff.

Each seller has their own processing time and packaging method. We encourage our sellers to use items that are environmentally friendly whenever possible. This may include used packaging items to ship goods. If you have questions about packaging, please contact the seller directly.

2. Communication

You can use Fashion Conservatory messaging system to contact sellers on our platform. Please use this system to ask any questions you may have prior to purchase. 

Be aware, sellers may be in a different time zone or country. They will respond to your message at their earliest convenience, but they are not available 24/7. Sourcing good fashion requires time and travel, so our sellers are often out of the office. Fashion Conservatory encourages work/life balance, and sellers may take weekends and holidays off. Please be patient and understanding with delayed response times.

**When using our messaging system the following are prohibited and may result in account suspension or deletion:

1. Harassment, verbal abuse, threats or discrimination of any kind. Any use of our messaging system to harass, threaten, demean or discriminate is strictly prohibited. You will not get a warning, your account will be removed.
2. Any message used to support or glorify hatred or discrimination is strictly prohibited. You will not get a warning, your account will be removed.
3. Any message with malicious intent.
4. Any message trying to get a seller to unknowingly engage with your fetish.
5. Unsolicited advertising, donation requests and/or spam. 
6. Examples of prohibited messaging includes, but is not limited to:

             a. Messages insulting a seller, their items or their price
             b. Comments, of any kind, about the model
             c. Lowball offers
             d. Asking sellers to trade goods for promotions or marketing of any kind
             e. Asking sellers to donate goods for any reason.

3. Making a Purchase

When you make a purchase from one of our sellers, you are agreeing to our policies and the policies of the seller you purchased from.

1. Read the item description before you purchase an item.
Double check the measurements of the item. Then check them again.
3. Submit the full payment at the time of purchase.
4. Provide accurate shipping information to the seller at the time of purchase. Changes to shipping information are not permitted after purchase. If you provide incorrect shipping information and need to change the ship to address after purchase, you will need to cancel your order and repurchase the item with the correct shipping information.
5. If you’re shipping items to more than one address, these items will need to be purchased separately.
6. If you’re purchasing multiple items from one seller and would like combined shipping, you must purchase all items at the same time.

4. Buying Vintage & Pre-Owned Clothing

When purchasing an item listed on the Fashion Conservatory website, you are purchasing an item that is likely pre-owned, pre-loved, or stored for an extended period of time. It is normal for these items to show signs of use and/or a past life. Many people love vintage and pre-owned clothing specifically for this reason. Our sellers work hard to describe each item with care, but every once in a while, something may slip through the cracks. Minor signs of wear should be expected in all garments, even those in Excellent Condition.

Please see our vintage buyers guide for details.

5. Item Not As Described (NAD)

Our sellers are human and occasionally mistakes are made. We know it can be a frustrating and disappointing experience when an item received doesn’t meet expectations. We expect both buyers and sellers to handle these situations with professionalism and understanding. If you are unable to resolve the issue, Fashion Conservatory can help. Please contact us here to file a NAD case. (link)

Trying to force a return by claiming an item is not as described is considered fraud and is strictly prohibited.

To report an item as Not As Described (NAD), the buyer must be able to show through images that the item is significantly different than the item listing states. This may include:

1. Items that are completely different from the listed item purchased. For example, the seller shipped you shoes, but you ordered a dress.
Actual garment measurements are significantly different than those provided in the listing.
3. Items that are in a significantly different condition than listed.
4. The incorrect quantity of items was shipped

Items that do not qualify for a NAD:

1. Items that are accurately described, but don’t meet expectations.
2. Items that are packaged properly, but get damaged by the shipping service.
3. Items that are a slightly different color than you expected. All displays vary in color representation, so minor differences in hue or saturation do not qualify as NAD.
4. Items that are itchy, not comfortable, too heavy or too lightweight.
5. Items that don’t fit. Minor inconsistencies with measurements are normal. All bodies are not the same, all clothing will not fit in the same way. Many garments are difficult to measure and sellers do the best they can. Please use our measurements guide to understand garment measurements and how to estimate fit. 
6. Items that are delivered late. If you need an item for an event or fitting it is your responsibility to order it in time. Our sellers will do the best they can for a rushed package, but they will not be accountable for items that are delivered later than expected after being shipped on time. If you have a complaint with a delivery service, please contact that service directly.
7. Items that have been used, washed, altered, dry cleaned or damaged by the buyer.
8. Items that are returned without a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from Fashion Conservatory. Please see our Return Policies.
9. Transactions where payment is not made through Fashion Conservatory’s system.

6. Returns

Please see our return policies here.